How a Home Security System Can Reduce Your Home Insurance Costs

February 19, 2017 Blog 0 Comment

Break-ins and burglaries are a serious problem across Australia. More than 200,000 burglaries are reportedacross the country each year. That works out to nearly three per minute, though the reality is that many of these intrusions take place at predictable times – such as on Fridays or during the month of October. […]

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Here Are Our Top 5 Strategies for Securing Your Home against a Break-in

February 15, 2017 Blog 0 Comment

In Australia, more than 200,000 break-ins are reported each year. And to make matters worse, the incidence of break-ins in Western Australia is well above the national average, with roughly 4.5 per cent of homes here burgled according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. (See this article in The Guardian for more information). […]

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