Advanced Bosch Alarm Systems in Perth

Advanced Bosch Alarm Systems in Perth

Bosch Alarm Systems in PerthWe supply and install the Bosch Solution 2000 and Bosch Solution 3000 alarm systems in residential and commercial properties in all areas of Perth. If you are looking for a modern alarm system for your home or small business that is easy to operate yet sophisticated and 100% reliable, we can highly recommend either of these two Bosch security systems in Perth. Each one can be controlled from a codepad or from the Bosch Remote Security Control Plus (RSC+) app, making them extremely convenient and simple to use. For full details of what they have to offer and a competitive quote, feel free to call and speak to us right now. In the meantime, you can find more information about our Bosch alarm systems in Perth below.

Bosch Alarm Systems in Perth From Smart Security

Mobile Devices with the Bosch Alarm Systems you can use to secure your homes.When you buy any Bosch systems in Perth from Smart Security, you don’t just get an advanced alarm system that protects your property and everything inside of it, you get a professional installation service and setup too. What’s more, we’ll tell you exactly how to use your new system and we’ll spend as much time as necessary explaining all the features, until you are completely happy that you know what you’re doing.

Whether you purchase the Solution 2000 or the Solution 3000, you can look forward to class-leading protection from an advanced security system that is designed to be as simple to use as it is effective at deterring potential intruders.

  • Intrusion Panel with Multiple Connectivity Options – Each system features an intrusion panel that can be connected to your landline, GSM/GPRS cellular networks and a broadband Internet modem. This means you can rely on our Bosch alarm systems in Perth to alert you to any intrusion attempts no matter where you are and, equally importantly, to alert the monitoring centre that you have chosen as well.
  • Choice of Codepads – Our Bosch security systems in Perth come with a choice of codepads and you can use up to 4 individual codepads with one system. The Icon codepad is designed to make it easy to see what’s happening at a glance while the Alphanumeric codepad displays information as text rather than icons, giving you the ability to quickly identify the source of any alarm. There is also a touchscreen codepad that boasts an attractive interface and makes it easy to control all parts of your system from anywhere in your property.
  • Polled Monitoring The Bosch Alarm Systems panel.Bosch alarms in Perth can be set up for poll monitoring, which means there are no expensive call costs to pay for once you start using your new system.
  • Wireless Keyfobs – Both the Solution 2000 and Solution 3000 systems can be armed and disarmed with wireless keyfobs. These keyfobs can also be used to set off a panic alarm if you are not able to access your codepad and can control external outputs linked to roller doors, garage doors, smart lighting, air-con units and other connected devices.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control – With our Bosch systems in Perth, you can control your home security installation and monitor its status from anywhere in the country. Simply open the RSC+ app on your mobile device and you will find all the features you need inside.
  • Flexible Security Systems for Homes and Small Commercial Premises – The Bosch Solution 2000 security systems supports up to 8 different programmable zones in your property and the Solution 3000 supports up to 16. And with the Solution 3000, you can divide your system into two completely separate parts. This makes Bosch alarm systems in Perth the most flexible option available for property owners who would like to set different rules and activation times for different parts of their home or business premises. If you use two partitions on the Solution 3000 system, you can even set them up to report to different monitoring centres if you desire.
  • Event History – Your Bosch security system will store up to 256 previous events, allowing you to look back and see when your house was entered and what alarms/motion sensors were triggered.

Bosch Alarm Systems app with intuitive interface you can use to secure your home in Perth.To request a quotation for Bosch security systems in Perth and to arrange a home visit and survey by our experts, call and speak to us now.

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