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    Screen visitors without having to open the door or leave the comfort of your living room or whilst at the shops, with our ultra-reliable video intercom systems. At Smart Security, we supply and install a broad range of advanced security solutions for domestic and commercial clients in Perth, and we’re proud to add a selection of intercom systems to our offering.

    Depending on the solution you choose, your intercom can come with 7-inch monitor that can be installed anywhere inside your property. With a front door or gate station that can also have a built in key pad for electric gate release or to open your roller door for a safe delivery. Plus full App control

    Whether you want to keep your family or staff safe from intruders and thieves, we can help you. Learn more about our video intercom systems with App control, CCTV surveillance solutions and quality alarms by calling us today. We’ll gladly visit your property to tell you how we can maximise its security with our cost-effective enhancements.

    Intercom Systems in Perth

    The Features of Our Sophisticated Yet Simple Video Intercoms

    Just some reasons why our video intercom systems are among the most highly advanced on the market include:

    • Remote monitoring

    View the person trying to access your property using your high-definition monitors.

    • SOS emergency button

    Notify the emergency services of foul-play instantly with just one press of a button.

    • Communication between monitors

    Talk to family members or colleagues with easy-to-use intercom monitors.

    • Weatherproof door station

    Our aluminium panel door station features a wall-mounted rain shield and a camera with a 110-degree viewing angle. It’s also IP55-rated for weather resistance.

    • Hands-free communication

    With hands-free functionality, our intercom systems in Perth couldn’t be more straightforward to operate.

    • Single-press door unlock

    Grant entry to your property with one tap of the screen.

    • Built-in picture memory

    Your intercom door panel’s HD camera automatically captures a photo of visitors when they press the ‘call’ button.

    • Volume adjustment

    You can set different volumes for calls depending on the time of day, ensuring nothing prevents you from being able to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

    If you want to learn more about the features that come as standard with our video intercom systems, don’t hesitate to call us on 08 9470 2887.

    The Benefits of Video Intercom Systems in Perth

    We’ve developed our intercom systems to give your property’s security a boost while making communication straightforward. If installed in tandem with enhancements such as CCTV and alarm solutions, you can make your property virtually impenetrable as well as deter criminals from breaking an entry in the first place. In short, the benefits of our intercom systems include:

    • Maximise home security

    Protect your family members from intruders by screening visitors without opening the front door or making yourself visible.

    • Protect your valuable assets

    Make sure nobody can break into your commercial property after hours without being detected.

    • Security made comfortable

    Converse with visitors wishing to enter your home from the comfort of your sofa, kitchen or hallway with up to four monitors.

    • Communication made straightforward

    Communicate with colleagues or family members within your premises using your hands-free monitors, which are similar in functionality to a tablet.

    Do you have any questions about the benefits of our advanced intercoms? Give us a call, and we’ll provide more details over the phone.

    Trust the Experts at Smart Security to Install Your Intercom Systems

    We’ve grown to become one of Perth’s most trusted manufacturers, suppliers and installers of the most advanced security solutions available, and we always prioritise the needs of our customers rather than our profits. Here’s why we’re the right security partner for you:

    • We’re highly experienced

    We’ve been developing and perfecting our range of intercom systems in Perth for over two decades.

    • We guarantee a flawless installation

    You can trust us to install your video intercoms to the highest industry standards, and because we utilise a straightforward cabling setup, there’s very little that can go wrong with our systems.

    • We cover our solutions with excellent warranties

    For your peace of mind, our video intercom systems come with 12-month guarantees, but you can expect them to last for decades.

    • We provide a broad range of security solutions

    From CCTV surveillance and HD intercom systems to alarm monitoring and bespoke commercial security plans, we can do it all here at Smart Security.

    • We’re available around the clock

    We operate a 24-hour Security Control room – when you choose us, you know an expert is always keeping a watchful eye over your premises.


    Learn More about Video Intercoms in Perth

    If you want to obtain a free quote or have a highly trained professional visit your property to assess your security requirements, give us a call on 08 9470 2887. Alternatively, visit our showroom at 925 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park, WA 6101 to browse our range of video intercom systems in person.

    We’re dedicated to providing industry leading products that effectively deter thieves and provide an array of extra benefits for both residential properties and businesses, and we aim to be the most cost-effective provider of security systems in Perth. If you want to go the extra mile to secure peace of mind about the safety of the most important things in your life, contact us today to speak to our professionals on 08 9470 2887.

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