Backing up footage to a USB flash drive

When it comes to storing video footage, it’s a good idea to always have a backup file in case the original file gets corrupted. The same thing applies to recorded video off of a DVR or NVR file to which you can back up using a USB flash drive. This enables you to view the footage anywhere after converting the file to a standard file format. Here’s how to do it:

  • Plugin your USB flash drive to the NVR.
  • A Find USB device window will appear. Press right-click twice and click the Search button from the menu.
  • You’ll be asked to log in and enter your username and password (or a pattern password if you have one). Keep in mind that the user you’re logging in with must have playback rights in order to locate and back up footage.
  • The playback window will now appear. You’ll notice a calendar on the right side of the window. Use that to locate the video you want to back up from a specific day.
  • At the bottom of the playback window, you’ll find the time of the recordings for that day.
  • Use the time to find the footage that you wish to back up. Once you’ve done so, click the Save button on the right to backup the recording.