How to Migrate Devices From DMMS Lite to DMSS Plus?

If you’ve been using remote video surveillance, then you’re most likely familiar with DMSS. Whether it be iDMSS for iOS devices or gDMMS for Android devices, DMSS is an application that grants remote view and playback access from VIP Vision, SecureView, and Watchguard video recorders.

Previously, the DMSS app had two versions, one is the Lite version which is free, and the Plus version which is pay-to-use. Nowadays, the Plus version has become the default DMSS app and what you need to do now is to migrate your devices from the Lite version to the Plus version.

Follow this step-by-step guide to migrate your devices successfully. This method will work for both iOS and Android devices.

1. Launch the DMSS Lite application.

2. Tap on the menu on the topmost left of the application and choose ‘Device Manager’.

3. From there, tap on the ‘Create Device Card’ at the bottom of the screen.

4. Select the device/s you want to use to create the Device Card. This will create a Device List QR Code that you can use to copy it from one phone to another.

5. Since we’re migrating the device from the same phone, you want to save the QR Code as an image by tapping on the Save button at the topmost right of the app.

6. Next, launch the DMSS Plus and tap on the ‘Home’ button found at the topmost left of the app.

7. From there, tap on ‘Device’ found on the bottom of the app.

8. Tap the ‘+’ symbol to add a new device and select ‘scan’.

9. Normally you’ll need to scan a QR code to add a device, but since we saved the QR Code earlier, you can use that to add the device. Tap on the ‘Gallery’ icon found at the top right of the app.

10. You’ve successfully added a new device to the DMMS Plus app. You can test it out by tapping the ‘Preview’ button and selecting the device you’ve added.