Security FAQ

Security FAQ

– How long does it take to get a quote on a new security system for my home or 
Give us a call. We’ll give you a free quote right now.

– Can my current security system be linked to your 24 hour monitoring service?
There’s a good chance we can link you to our 24 hour Safety Control Room without any charge. Call us and we’ll analyse your system immediately.

– Can Smart Security design security systems for residential and commercial 
We have the security expertise, the top quality high tech products and the experience to be able to design, install and monitor any type of security system.

– What types of alarms does Smart Security use?
Smart Security offers the full range of security products. From commercial alarms systems to home alarms to personal and medical alarms that ensure people are just a button away from emergency services.

– Should my business have CCTV?
CCTV has been shown to create a safer environment for businesses. They can protect assets, stock, staff, business owners and customers, and can help deter thieves and vandals. The recorded footage can also help solve crimes and improve work safety.

– How are personal medical alarms activated?
Medi-alarms can be worn as a pendant or as a wristband. A single push of a button will activate the alarm, even in the garden or shower. Monitored smoke and inactivity detectors are also available.

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