Converting DAV Video to Standard File Formats

If you’re exporting video from a security camera, chances are the video will come in a DAV file format. DAV is an encrypted video file that’s created by a DVR365 digital video recorder connected to a security camera. These files are usually played back using video players such as Smart Player, DAV Player, or even the Smart PSS software. Many people including local police authorities want to playback video footage with their own software and to achieve this, you’ll need to convert the DAV file into a standard file format like .AVI. or MP4.

Thankfully, converting a DAV file to .AVI/MP4 is relatively easy using the Smart DAV player. It’s free to use and the software is pretty straightforward. Just follow these steps for quick file conversion.

  • Download the Smart Player software.
  • Open up Smart Player and click the Add files button.
  • Choose the DAV file you wish to convert.
  • Click the Export File button.
  • Click the box next to the DAV file on the Export File menu.
  • In the Export format drop-down menu, choose .AVI or MP4.
  • Click the Begin Export button and choose a location for the converted file to be saved.
  • Wait for the conversion to finish.