How to setup Smart PSS Software

Smart PSS is a downloadable software that helps you manage your surveillance devices on a Windows or Mac PC. The software allows you remotely view footage, change configuration settings, and playback footage from your security cameras. Setting up Smart PSS is fairly easy and you can playback video footage in a matter of minutes. Here’s how to get started:

Adding a device via P2P/Serial number

The first thing we need to do is to add a camera or recorder to PSS. To do this, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Download the Smart PSS software.
  • Open up Smart PSS and click devices on the main menu.
  • Click the +Add button to add a device.
  • A Manual Add window will then appear. Change the ‘Method to add’ to SN via the drop-down menu.
  • Locate the serial number of your device. You can find this on the underside of the unit or under the info version in the web interface.
  • Enter the serial number in the SN box.
  • Enter the username and password for that device.
  • Click the Add button and the added device will appear in the Device list.
  • Return to the main page of Smart PSS and click the Live View button.
  • Select the added device from the Device List.