Smart Honeywell Alarm Package

Honeywell Alarm Package

Secure your home now with the SMART HONEYWELL ALARM Package: Superior quality Honeywell Security products fully installed for just $990.

Superior quality Honeywell Security products fully installed for just $990. Protect your home. Safeguard your possessions. Get peace of mind. Our SMART ALARM Package has been put together to cover a single story, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home, and comes complete with a 2-year warranty and full support.

The superior quality SMART HONEYWELL ALARM Package:

  • Honeywell Vista 12 zone alarm panel
  • Full English Honeywell 6165 key pad
  • Power supply 16.5 Volt 1.5 Amp Plug pack
  • 12 volt 7Amp Backup battery
  • Three Honeywell IS3012 movement detector (CAN BE PET FRIENDLY)
  • External siren with blue strobe and tamper switch
  • Internal siren
  • Installed to Australian standards and full programming
  • As many warning stickers or signs as required

Vista 12 Alarm Panel:

  • 12 fully programmable zones expandable to 22 zones
  • 12 user codes with remote control options
  • Key lockable steel cabinet and tamper switch
  • Dialler and communicator built in. GSM option available
  • Honeywell Wireless options available if required. (These are the best radio equipment on the market.) Full English Honeywell Keypad
  • Custom alpha backlit display
  • Four fully programmable function keys for quick arming, controlling lights and garage doors and panics
  • Coloured, self-adhesive labels are included for the function keys
  • Upgrades available for a range of other Honeywell key pads


  • Honeywell IS3012 movement detector
  • Slim and modern design with excellent detection performance
  • Digital Pulse Count and Temperature Compensation
  • 12 meter range
  • Won’t trigger from your pets up to 35kg
  • Black bug guard that reduces false alarms due to bright lights
  • Sealed optics

Professional Installation:

  • All systems are professionally installed and tested using quality components.
  • Our installers clean up after themselves leaving your home better than when they arrive.
  • Comprehensive and clear instructions on how to use the alarm, arming, disarming, setting access codes and understanding sensors.
  • Lifetime backup from Smart Security, with over 20 years of experience with domestic and commercial alarm systems.

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