Understanding Burglar Psychology: What Motivates a Break-in?

November 28, 2023 Uncategorized 0 Comment

Crime rates have been on the rise across the country in recent years, from car thefts to assaults, break-ins and burglaries. The mindset of a burglar is an interesting subject, and many studies and surveys have been conducted over the years to gather information to better understand burglar psychology. This […]

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Window Wisdom: Effective Measures to Burglar-Proof Your Windows

November 3, 2023 Uncategorized 0 Comment

Nowadays, the prevalence of high-tech security systems and devices makes it more trouble than it’s worth for most burglars to locate and circumvent them to get inside a home. But that’s not to say it never happens. Fortunately, most burglaries are perpetuated by opportunistic criminals who spot a momentary weakness […]

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Tips for Making Your Home Look Occupied to Deter Burglars

October 13, 2023 Blog 0 Comment

Whether you’re just stepping out for the evening, enjoying a weekend getaway or going away for a well-deserved holiday, you’ll want to know that your home is safe and secure while it’s unoccupied. Thieves like to take the path of least resistance in most cases, so burglars tend to target […]

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Common Entry Points for Burglars: How to Secure Them

August 28, 2023 Blog 0 Comment

We have all been guilty of letting our guard down and leaving back doors open, even windows slightly ajar to let a summer breeze waft through the house. It is also not uncommon to hide a key to your front door under a plant pot or rock in the garden. […]

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The Most Commonly Stolen Items in Home Burglaries and How to Protect Them

July 14, 2023 Uncategorized 0 Comment

Have you ever taken a moment to look around your home or property and think about the value of the things inside? Whether they are on display and easy to spot and identify with a quick glance? A startling number of Australian households have experienced a burglary and an even […]

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Vacation Home Security: Ensuring Safety While You’re Away

June 16, 2023 Uncategorized 0 Comment

When we look at the number of ways to protect your home while on vacation, there are wealth of tactics, from fundamental to less significant ones you can employ as part of your overall strategy. Each adds a layer of protection in its own way, whether by making your property […]

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