Do Aged Care Facilities Need CCTV Monitoring?

August 6, 2020 Blog 0 Comment

According to South Australian health minister Stephen Wade, the state government has announced their plans on working with technology providers to determine the best strategy for monitoring patients in aged care facilities. The supposed technology in question is CCTV surveillance and if the government successfully finds a company to collaborate […]

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Are Coloured Security Cameras Better than Non-Coloured Ones?

August 5, 2020 Uncategorized 0 Comment

When it comes to buying security cameras, you have the option of choosing between a coloured security camera or a non-coloured security camera (black and white). Some may argue that coloured security cameras are a no-brainer while others say that a B&W security camera is all you really need. The […]

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What to Look For When Buying an Indoor or Outdoor Security Camera

June 26, 2020 Blog 0 Comment

The security camera market is becoming more and more competitive with each passing year. You’ve got plenty of brands releasing a wide range of cameras that make it difficult for you to choose the right one. Weaving through these products can sometimes feel confusing especially if it’s your first time […]

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The Most Optimal Height for Installing Your Security Cameras

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In today’s world, a security camera is more than just a piece of technology. At a time where burglaries and theft are becoming more prevalent, investing in a security camera is a wise decision. Both homeowners and businesses have benefitted from security cameras thanks to higher resolution, optical, zoom, and […]

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A1 Grade Monitoring Centre Explained

May 27, 2020 Blog 0 Comment

When it comes to choosing an alarm monitoring centre, you want to go with one that has proper accreditation. Almost all of the best alarm monitoring centres in Australia are accredited by Standards Australia which is the country’s top non-government standards body. Simply put, the physical security of an alarm […]

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10 Signs That Indicate Your Security Cameras Need Maintenance

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Security cameras are an integral part of a security system and servicing them on a regular basis is key to protecting your home/business establishment. While these devices are built to be as robust as possible, they aren’t fully fool-proof. By troubleshooting early problems and performing routine maintenance, you can prevent […]

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