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Smart Security's team are proudly 70% vaccinated



Why Installing Intercom Systems is the Best Way to Secure your Home

September 28, 2021 Uncategorized 0 Comment

Is it worth it to invest in an intercom system for home security? The simple answer is yes. A home security system provides peace of mind as well as security for your loved ones and valuables. Intercom systems, on the other hand, offer extra means to communicate on a daily […]

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Top Six Things To Consider When Choosing The Right CCTV Surveillance System

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Since increased security has become a significant need nowadays, surveillance cameras are being installed in commercial, residential, and industrial structures. However, there is more to these devices than you may perceive. CCTV cameras are now being purchased by industries and businesses to track product movement and enhance production. Not only […]

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Security Systems: Choosing The Best CCTV Surveillance System That Works For You

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Closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) systems use a single channel to transmit video, forming a closed circuit. Ultimately, this means that footage is only seen on a small number of personal monitors rather than being broadcast publicly. This post will go through CCTV surveillance systems in detail, including what they are and […]

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Video Intercom Systems

Why Going Wireless May Not be the Safest Intercom Option

June 24, 2021 Blog 0 Comment

Advancements in technology have helped people generate inventions and innovations to eliminate wires in devices and gadgets. These changes offer increased convenience at somewhat more affordable prices. However, there are some cases wherein choosing to invest in wireless devices is not the best idea, but that is for you to […]

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In today’s world, we are living in an environment that is fast-paced and has many modern aspects, thanks to advanced technology. Intercom security systems happen to be one of them! Intercom systems have proven that to be a huge advantage for security these days. This system not only allows owners […]

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4K CCTV: What You Need to Know

May 21, 2021 Blog 0 Comment

The movement beyond 1080p resolution is in full swing and everyone is looking to upgrade to 4K CCTV cameras. Perhaps you’ve heard people talk about 4K or Ultra HD, but what do these mean exactly? And why should you even consider 4K CCTV cameras in the first place? This article […]

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