Configuring the Date and Time on the User Interface of Your VIP Vision NVR8PRO6 Video Recorder

If you own a brand new VIP Vision NVR8PRO6 Video Recorder and you want to change the default time and date settings manually, then this is the video tutorial for you. In this video, you’re going to learn how to change the date and time format manually, as well as configure the Daylight Savings Time and Network Time Protocol.

To change the date and time manually on your VIP Vision NVR8PRO6 Video Recorder, right click and select Main Menu. Enter your username and password (you should, of course, have administrator rights to do this), and click on System once the Main Menu appears. Select General section, and click on the Date&Time tab. Here you can modify the date and time format, as well as adjust Day Savings Time and Network Time Protocol Settings.

The video tutorial shows you how to change the date notation from standard date format (YYYY-MM-DD) or the format used in the United States (MM-DD-YYYY) to the Australian notation (DD-MM-YYYY). After changing the date notation, you can manually change the time format, date separator (slash, dot, or dash), and the time zone. After changing to the correct time zone, you can then change the system time manually. After clicking the Save button, you will notice that the time and date on the display has been updated automatically.

What if you live in an area where the Daylight Savings Time is used? You can also set Daylight Savings Time to ensure that the time on the display is always correct. Click DST, and select Week if the Daylight Savings Time is based on the day of the week. Select the Start Date and Time, as well as the time when the Daylight Savings Time ends. After setting up the Daylight Savings Time, click the Apply button. Ensure that the date and time remain precise by setting the Network Time Protocol. Click Apply again and select OK to go back to the Main Menu.

See how easy it is to change the date and time settings of the VIP Vision NVR8PRO6 Video Recorder? If you have more questions about the device or want to learn more about how to optimise its use, just give Smart Security a call at 08 9470 2887.