How to Set Up Intelligent Video Surveillance?

Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) refers to the technology that modern video surveillance systems use today. This feature allows for accurate tracking of moving objects, automatic audio and video detection of suspicious activity, and a whole host of advanced surveillance. When compared to conventional motion detection, IVS is far superior in terms of reliability as it’s less prone to false alarms and notifications.

This article will detail how to set up Intelligent Video Surveillance on VIP Vision Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and IP Cameras.

1. First you need to set some IVS rules. Right click and select ‘Main Menu’. From there, click the Event icon to proceed.

2. Select ‘Smart Plan’ found on the left side of the screen and select the channel that you’re using. Select the IVS icon to turn it on and click ‘Apply’.

3. Next, select the ‘IVS’ section found on the left side of the screen. Select the channel that you’re going to apply the IVS to and click ‘Add’.

4. From there, you can set rules on how the IVS will trigger. For example, you can draw a Tripwire line, intrusion detection line, or adjust the size of the target you’re looking for.

5. Once everything is set up, make sure to test it out and see if the camera detects the rules that you’ve applied.

With IVS, you have more control over how your surveillance system detects unsuspicious activity and rules out any details that are unnecessary. By following these steps, you can manage your surveillance system and feel more confident in your security system.

If you have any further questions and would like to learn more about how intelligent video surveillance works, feel free to contact us at Smart Security today.