How to Use the Live View Features of VIP Vision NVR8PRO6 Video Recorder

This video tutorial teaches the owners and users of the VIP Vision NVR8PRO6 Video Recorder the various ways to maximize the device’s live view features. Users can explore the device’s live view features with the help of a remote control or mouse.

Using a mouse, right-click to make the live view features appear on the screen. The VIP Vision NVR8PRO6 Video Recorder allows you to view one or multiple channels at the same time. You can focus on one channel or you can view as much as four or eight channels all at once. You can also view multiple angles of a single camera or channel using the live view features. The last channel, however, allows you to view the bitrate of each channel. If you wish to go back to a channel or focus on one, you can click the channel or simply double-click it to switch to full-screen mode.

The video shows that the VIP Vision NVR8PRO6 Video Recorder also has several cutting-edge live view features its users will find convenient. Its PTZ option allows users to pan, tilt, and zoom in or out of an image using the mouse. This feature is great when capturing license plates or faces in a footage. It also has a fisheye, autofocus, and image adjustment options.

This video shows users how to quickly use additional live view features thanks to the navigation bar located on top of the screen. These features include instant playback/replay, zoom in and out, real-time backup (insert a USB stick into the recorder to capture recording), manual snapshot (again, using a USB stick), audio talk, and remote navigation. There’s no need to right-click and go back to the main menu with these features.

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