A1 Grade Monitoring Centre Explained

May 27, 2020 Blog 0 Comment

When it comes to choosing an alarm monitoring centre, you want to go with one that has proper accreditation. Almost all of the best alarm monitoring centres in Australia are accredited by Standards Australia which is the country’s top non-government standards body. Simply put, the physical security of an alarm […]

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10 Signs That Indicate Your Security Cameras Need Maintenance

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Security cameras are an integral part of a security system and servicing them on a regular basis is key to protecting your home/business establishment. While these devices are built to be as robust as possible, they aren’t fully fool-proof. By troubleshooting early problems and performing routine maintenance, you can prevent […]

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Why Now is the Best Time to Invest in Security for Your Business

May 5, 2020 Blog 0 Comment

With the Australian government placing restrictions on a number of non-essential services, many businesses are left with no choice but to cease operations for the time being. Social distancing measures have kept people from going outside and with the relatively quiet surroundings, potential thieves and burglars may look to take […]

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Dome Cameras vs. Bullet Cameras: What You Need to Know

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CCTV cameras are a staple in almost every security system. Not only do they function as burglar deterrents, but they also record valuable footage that can prove useful when tracking down criminals. The term CCTV (closed-circuit television) refers to a variety of security cameras that operate by connecting the cameras […]

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5 Key Differences Between a Home Alarm System and a Business Alarm System

April 3, 2020 Blog 0 Comment

An alarm system is a network of several different devices and sensors that detect unauthorized entry. It’s a great way of enhancing your security measures and deterring criminals from breaking inside your property. In general, alarm systems come in two different types; home and business alarms. These two alarm systems […]

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Top 10 Benefits of a Wireless Home Alarm System

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Wireless home alarm systems are all the rage in today’s technologically advanced era. Gone are the days where most alarm systems are hardwired (which allowed burglars to disarm them with just a quick snip). Nowadays, home alarms system are fully wireless. From security cameras to door and window sensors, these […]

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