5 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Alarm

Personal Alarm
September 4, 2020 Blog 0 Comment

Personal home alarms have long been associated with keeping the frail and elderly safe. But in reality, almost anyone can benefit greatly from these electronic devices. Much like a standard security system, personal alarms provide a layer of protection that you may find useful in case the unthinkable occurs. These devices work great for people of all ages and many will welcome the additional peace of mind that comes with using personal alarms. Here are 5 reasons why a personal alarm is a good choice for almost anyone at home.

  1. You can get help as fast as possible

One of the main benefits of having a personal alarm is the ability to get help as soon as possible. Most modern personal alarms are made up of two components; a base unit and a pendant button. The base unit is what plugged into the mains power and telephone socket while the pendant button is worn by the user.

During an emergency, all the user needs to do is to press the help button either on their pendant or on the base unit. This sends a signal immediately to your alarm service provider and they’ll dial through to the base unit to speak to you within seconds. In just a few minutes, help will be on its way. This will be via family members, friends and other important people that the user has placed in their emergency contacts. Emergency services will also be contacted should the user require immediate medical attention.

Imagine a situation where you accidentally slipped and you suffered a serious fall. You’re unable to move and you can’t reach the telephone to call for help. In this instance, you can simply push the button on your pendant and have your emergency contacts get to you quickly. 

  1. Zero fear of living independently

Aside from the speed of the personal alarm, another advantage is the zero fear of living independently.  Many people who live alone will find a personal alarm quite useful in warding off threats and letting them live their independent life more comfortably. You don’t have to move into any accommodation schemes as you’ll find it a lot easier to handle the worries of living all by yourself.

Most providers offer a personal alarm with 24/7 protection and alarm monitoring in your own home while being unintrusive to your daily life. You only need to speak with your service provider’s monitoring team during the setup of the system, during monthly test calls, and emergency calls. Other than that, you can live your life normally without having to deal with any technical issues at all.

Personal Alarm
  1. Helps you save money

Personal alarms are becoming more affordable which is good news for elderly people who wish to live independently but do not want to move into a care home. Most service providers offer various payment schemes for their personal alarms as they acknowledge that people manage their finances in different ways. Not only that, but a personal alarm will save you plenty of money compared to homecare visits or moving into a care home.

Of course, personal alarms do not the care that a human can provide and should be treated as outsourcing care.  They are, however, a valuable addition to the care and support an individual might need, especially elderly people and those with disabilities.

  1. Gives everyone peace of mind

It’s common for family members to suggest a personal alarm to their loved ones out of a kind and loving gesture. These devices give everyone peace of mind knowing that their loved ones can ask for help even when they’re not around. A personal alarm takes many of the concerns a family member may have when their grandparents are living alone and reinforce safety for everyone involved.

The alarm users themselves will also benefit a confidence boost and feel much safer in their home. Knowing that help is on hand at any time allows them to enjoy their daily lives more and leave the safety concerns behind.

  1. Freedom and privacy

Most people don’t think of this when they hear about personal alarms. Truth be told, personal alarms give users the freedom and privacy they deserve by letting them live their lives more independently and comfortably. There are no security cameras or sensors at work here; only a pendant and a base unit that works with just a single button. Their privacy is always guaranteed because a personal alarm does not record anyone’s activity.

Having a personal alarm in you or on your loved one’s home can prove useful in several ways: by providing an early warning system in case of emergency. This can help reduce the risk of hospital admission and enable the family or others to be able to monitor someone’s health more closely without invading their privacy.

Personal alarms are just one of the many devices that can help improve your personal security. As with most security systems out there, it’s important to do your research to know if personal alarms are right for you. Different alarms cater to different types of people and hopefully, this article has given you a good insight into how a personal alarm can prove beneficial to your everyday life.