Wireless Security Products Expected To Hit USD $32 Billion By 2019

September 18, 2018 Blog 0 Comment

According to a study conducted by market research company Technavio, the popularity of integrated packages and customised home security solutions will contribute to the growth of wireless security sector by 2019. Moreover, the wireless residential security sector is anticipated to earn an estimated revenue of nearly USD $32 billion. According […]

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From Hedge Screens to Security Systems: Practical Ways to Protect Your Home

September 14, 2018 Blog 0 Comment

Offences against property are some of the most widespread crimes in the state. To ensure that their property and family are always protected, many homeowners choose conventional security measures, such as having a guard dog or a planting a hedge screen. But are these security measures really enough to deter […]

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Safeguarding Your Home with the Latest CCTV Systems

August 13, 2018 Blog 0 Comment

According to the yearly crime statistics released by the Western Australian Police Force*, offences against property and against persons are some of the most prevalent crimes in the state. Viewers and readers are bombarded every day with endless news about physical assaults and other violent crimes. Burglaries, break-ins, vandalism, theft, […]

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security camera on pole

Security Camera Installation Options, Technology, and Myths

August 7, 2018 Blog 0 Comment

The use of closed-circuit television or CCTV systems has become widespread for many years. Security camera systems are no longer confined within buildings occupied by government or financial institutions. Its use has also been expanded to other sectors that even the neighbourhood deli or your favorite bookstore now has a […]

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Securing Your Commercial Business Premises – Challenges for Modern Businesses

July 27, 2017 Blog 0 Comment

Modern businesses face a number of security challenges, the majority of which are now digital and include BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), denial of service attacks and, generally, the Internet of Things (IoT). While physical security may no longer be the number one security concern for many modern businesses, it […]

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Maintaining Your Home or Business Security System

June 13, 2017 Blog 0 Comment

A security system is only effective if it’s working properly, making security system maintenance, servicing and repairs essential for all home and business owners who enjoy peace of mind as a result of having a system installed at their residence or place of work. Whether you have a comprehensive security system that’s […]

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Smart Homes – Bringing Your Home Into the 21st Century

May 19, 2017 Blog 0 Comment

The benefits to smart homes are profuse and have led many people to install smart home systems which enable them to take a new level of control over their home’s components, from cooling and heating systems to security systems and more. While smart homes are now being designed and built […]

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How a Home Security System Can Reduce Your Home Insurance Costs

February 19, 2017 Blog 0 Comment

Break-ins and burglaries are a serious problem across Australia. More than 200,000 burglaries are reportedacross the country each year. That works out to nearly three per minute, though the reality is that many of these intrusions take place at predictable times – such as on Fridays or during the month of October. […]

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Here Are Our Top 5 Strategies for Securing Your Home against a Break-in

February 15, 2017 Blog 0 Comment

In Australia, more than 200,000 break-ins are reported each year. And to make matters worse, the incidence of break-ins in Western Australia is well above the national average, with roughly 4.5 per cent of homes here burgled according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. (See this article in The Guardian for more information). […]

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