How Often Should I Test My Security System?

July 5, 2024 Blog 0 Comment

Installing an advanced security system in your Perth home or business premises is an excellent idea. However, if it is not tested regularly, it may not provide the protection you need. This applies to all home and business alarm systems, but how frequently should security systems be tested to ensure they are working correctly? Read on to find out.

Recommended Frequency for Testing Security Systems

The manufacturers of modern home security/alarm systems normally state their products should be tested at least once a month to ensure they continue to perform as intended. However, this is a minimum recommendation: certain components may need to be tested more frequently in certain environments and in some cases, it may be necessary to test the entire system more often than this. Below, we examine some of the most common reasons for additional testing requirements.

Key Situations That Warrant Additional Tests

There are several situations in which additional testing is not only warranted but strongly recommended:

  • After Installation of the System
  • After Each Service
  • After any Repairs or Maintenance Work is completed
  • After Modifications or Refurbishment of the System
  • After Changes to How Your System Communicates With the Outside World

For more examples, please contact the relevant manufacturer or the company that installed your security system in Perth.

Step-by-Step Guide to Testing Security Systems

When testing any make or model of alarm system, we recommend taking the following steps to ensure that everything goes smoothly:

  • Preparation – Be sure to notify other household members before testing a home alarm or your workforce before testing a commercial system to avoid panic. We don’t recommend alerting neighbours as this could expose you to unnecessary risk.
  • Execution – The best way to test an alarm system is to follow the manufacturers’ instructions carefully. All components should be tested to ensure they are working properly, including contact sensors, motion detectors and any environmental alarm sensors that may be a part of your home or business security system.
  • Troubleshooting – If you encounter any issues, you will need to troubleshoot to identify the root cause and replace the components that are not functioning as they should. For complex or particularly challenging issues, we suggest contacting the relevant customer support department for personal assistance.

Benefits of Regular Security System Testing

Regular testing of your home or business security system in Perth will help you to:

  • Ensure Reliable Operation in Emergencies.
  • Identify and Resolve Issues Before They Result in System Failure.
  • Provide Peace of Mind

For all these reasons, we recommend following manufacturers’ recommended testing schedules for all commercial and domestic alarm systems.


With routine testing, you can ensure that your investment in home or commercial security is not wasted and your property is protected from local criminals. If you don’t yet have a security system or would like to upgrade, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Smart Security for professional assistance.