How to Keep Your Home Safe from Burglary – Some Valuable Tips

May 7, 2024 Blog 0 Comment

We all want to enjoy a holiday, a night out, or even just a day at work with the peace of mind that our home is secure. Our homes are where we feel safest, and nobody likes to think their home could be an easy target for thieves. Most home burglaries are opportunistic, and there are several things that criminals will look out for when deciding to rob someone of their hard-earned belongings. Thankfully, everyone can make their lives easier by knowing the basics of home safety. Here we will explore some of the main things everybody should be aware of to keep their home safer from any unwanted guests. 

What Does a Burglar Look For?

Burglars will look for one or more common signs that their intended target is worth the risk, both with regard to what they can make away with and how quick and easy it will be to get the job done. Most of us do not think this way, but your average burglar certainly does. Burglars typically want an easy return for their criminal activities. They are going to try to rob a house full of valuable items if they think it will be straightforward for them to get away with it. From the position of your house in the street to the packaging you leave outside, take note of the following things criminals want to see in a home they target and help keep your home well protected. 

  • Empty Packaging – the type of packaging that you throw away says a lot about what valuables are in your house. If you have an empty box from your HDTV or PS5 out on the street for collection, a criminal knows there are high-value items in the house. You can help remove this indicator by cutting up any packages and disposing of them discreetly.
  • Going on Holiday – everyone loves to take photos of their perfect vacation. However, posting images on your social media while you are away from home may give someone all they need to know to take advantage. Make sure that your social media accounts are locked or private so you know exactly who can see them. Better yet, wait until you return from your trip before posting those memorable holiday snaps. 
  • Keep a Clear Yard – if you leave your children’s bicycles or other items in your garden, this can indicate to a potential burglar that there may be other things inside the house worth investigating. Make sure that you or your kids tidy up and keep toys or sporting equipment locked away inside or in a well-secured garage or shed. Don’t leave things lying around that can be easily seen.
  • Newspapers and Flyers – just like keeping the exterior of your home clear, it is important to avoid a build-up of newspapers or flyers. Failing to remove these can advertise that the house is currently unoccupied. This is a good sign for any prospective thief that nobody will be at home to stop them from taking what they want. 
  • Windows and Doors – this one seems obvious, but it is a common mistake, especially in areas where people feel safe. An open window or an unlocked door is likely too good an opportunity for a burglar to pass up. Most of the time, we know if we have locked the front door on our way out of the house. Checking every window may not always be something we remember to do. Try to avoid opening windows at night to keep cool. Turning on the air-conditioner may cost a bit more on the electricity, but it saves a lot of heartache if you forget to close that window before you head off to work the following morning.  
  • The Location of Your Home – while we all would like a bit of privacy from our neighbours, this can be exactly what a burglar looks for in a house to target. If where you live is secluded from the properties nearby or has several blind spots where neighbours would not see any potential intruder, this can make your home a target. One of the best ways to improve the safety of your home, in this case, is to have a visible alarm system. To make your home even more secure, you can install clearly placed cameras around your home. Property alarm systems and cameras make the chance of a burglar being caught much higher, and most burglars will avoid such homes as the risk becomes too high.

The Key to a Safe Home

  1. Ensure your home is equipped with an up-to-date security system. Smart Security Services is a leading home safety specialist company based in Perth. Head over to our website to see our range of affordable security options and make your home a safer place today.
  2. Do not advertise what might be in your home to potential criminals. Keep your belongings locked away, and do not make it obvious what you may have in your home.
  3. Take the simple steps discussed above to make your home an unlikely target. Remember, a burglar looks for simple opportunities. Do not make their job easy for them.

Better Safe than Sorry

Many of us think this kind of thing will never happen, while others have had the unfortunate experience of returning to a burgled home. Following this advice on how to make your home safer and keeping in mind the basic things that a burglar looks for are the best steps to take to prevent a home burglary from happening. Unfortunately, burglars will often return to a home they have previously robbed. If you have suffered this experience already, you will understandably not want to go through it again. Smart Security has been making homes safer in Perth for over 20 years. If you want to know how we can protect your home, contact us today for a free quote.