How to Keep Your Security Cameras Free of Bugs, Insects, and Spider Webs

Security Cameras Maintenance
February 24, 2021 Blog 0 Comment

Have you ever wondered why spiders love spinning their webs all over your security cameras? How about the bugs and insects that try to make the cameras their home? The reason is that these critters are drawn to the infrared light emitted by security cameras. This can prove quite a nuisance to homeowners because not only do the spider webs obstruct visibility, but the insects can sometimes trigger motion-activated security cameras.

The last thing you want is to have a false alarm in the middle of the night due to a tiny bug that crossed your device. The question now is, how can you keep your cameras free of these little buggers? This article will detail the step-by-step process on how to keep your security cameras cobweb-free and prevent insects from causing a major disturbance.

Keeping your security bug-free

There are a couple of ways you can keep your security cameras bug-free. Here are a few tried-and-tested methods:

  1. Use a lubricant to prevent spiders from crawling onto the camera

Lubricants make the outside casing of your home CCTV security cameras slippery, thus making it difficult for spiders to spin their web properly. A generous amount of silicon, vaseline, or Teflon is more than enough to keep those eight-legged crawlers at bay. Just make sure to cover the camera lens before applying a lubricant so it doesn’t get smudged up.

  1. Tie a dryer sheet to the camera

Bugs and insects hate the strong smell of a dryer sheet. This makes it a semi-effective bug repellent that you can attach to your security cameras with a rubber band. Place a dryer sheet on both the top and bottom of the camera for maximum effect.

  1. Turn off the LED lights

LED lights

Since the bugs are attracted to the LED lights emitted by the camera, you can just simply turn it off during the day.

  1. Use a flea collar as an insect repellent

Flea collars release chemicals that are effective against tiny bugs and insects. Consider looping a flea collar around your camera and let it serve as an insect repellent.

  1. Spray bug repellent around the camera

Nothing beats a bug repellent that’s specifically formulated to discourage insects from crawling on a surface. Cover the camera lens and spray the exterior with a bug repellent. Do this once a week to retain the effect and keep bugs away for longer.

  1. Dust off your cameras once a week

Spiders love dwelling in dusty places; including where your security cameras are placed. Make it a habit to clean your security cameras twice a month by using a soft-bristled brush to dust off its exterior.

  1. Apply natural insecticides on the camera’s exterior

If you prefer using natural products to repel bugs, you can apply peppermint oil, vanilla extract, or even tea tree oil onto the exterior of your security cameras. The strong odour of these substances works to repel spiders, bugs, and insects that like to crawl onto your devices.

Keep in mind that these tips aren’t immediate solutions and you’ll have to do them a couple of times to repel those annoying bugs. When spraying chemicals, spray them at a distance and always cover the camera lens to keep it from getting damaged or scratched.

Configuring your camera’s motion sensor

While it’s impossible to keep your security cameras completely bug-free, what you can do is adjust their motion detection alert settings. By configuring the threshold of activity that your sensor detects, you can greatly reduce false alerts. Go into the camera’s settings and lower the sensitivity of the device. You can then test out the motion sensor by waving your hand to ensure it still detects noticeable movements.

Security Cameras

Proper placement of security cameras can also reduce the likelihood of bugs from making it their home. Consider moving your cameras to a different location where small critters can’t crawl on them.

Whether you have a DIY security system installed or one that’s monitored by a professional monitoring company, you want to make sure it’s optimised for performance and efficiency. If you’re looking for reliable security cameras services within the Perth area, contact Smart Security today.