How to Position Your Outdoor Cameras in the Right Place

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One of the most common mistakes homeowners make with their outdoor cameras is positioning. Too many people install their cameras at the wrong angle or height, thus rendering the devices ineffective for surveillance. Knowing how to position your outdoor cameras in the right place will help make your home more burglar-proof which is what we’ll be discussing in this article. Consider the following tips to install your outdoor cameras correctly and have a full-on security system without compromises.

  1. Front doors

The front door is an area in your home that you should definitely install an outdoor camera on. Around 34% of burglars use the front entrance of a building to force their entry, which makes your front door vulnerable to attacks. Despite this, most people tend to ignore this and place the outdoor cameras on the eaves while others choose to install them on the second story.

The best way to install your camera at the front door is by keeping it at least 2 metres high with the camera pointing slightly downwards. This position reduces the chances of the camera from being disabled and allows for a much clearer recording of the intruder’s face. Since most burglars attempt their break-in through the front entrance, having a visible outdoor camera is a great way to deter them.

  1. Side and back doors

If the burglar fails to break-in through the front entrance, they would likely try their luck at the side and back doors. Reports indicate that 22% of burglars force their way inside a residential property through the back door. They know that in most homes, the back entrance is not as secure as the front door which makes it a prime target for attacks. A stranger snooping around a back door appears more conspicuous than just someone standing at the front door.

As the back entrance is one of the most targeted areas in a home, it should be in your best interest to place outdoor cameras here. If there’s a window adjacent to the door, position the camera there so that the device covers them both. If that looks a bit awkward, you can choose to install two cameras, with one at the back door and the other one at the window. Regardless of which security camera you’re using, make sure they’re weatherproof and can resist all sorts of outdoor conditions.

If you have a shed, it’s worth having an outdoor camera installed here as well. Most people store valuable items here like bicycles, power tools, and gardening tools so it’s a good idea to have a surveillance device here as well. Consider the entrance to the backyard as well to further strengthen your outdoor security camera network.

  1. Windows

Around 23% of burglars force their way through first-floor windows since it requires less effort than breaking through a front door. Most criminals target windows that aren’t facing the street or at the back of the house. If you have such windows, then installing the third camera in this area is an absolute must. Like with the front door camera, aim to keep the device installed at a height of no less than 2 metres and angle the device downwards. This makes for a good deterrent since no burglar wants to get caught red-handed before they gain access to their target property.

  1. Garage

The garage is something that not all homeowners think about when installing an outdoor camera, yet around 9% of break-ins happen in here. It makes sense because burglars are less exposed when forcing their way through the garage door. While burglars do this as a last resort (after failing to enter the front or back doors), you don’t want to leave any holes in your home security. Simply position the outdoor camera above the garage and install it on the corner facing the garage door. This gives maximum visibility on anyone looking to enter your property through the garage.

  1. Basement

The last area in your home that you should install an outdoor camera in is the basement. It’s rare for a burglar to target this area with only 5% of break-ins happening here, but you definitely don’t want to take risks and leave this as a vulnerable spot in your home. Simply install the camera on top of the basement door (away from the burglar’s reach) to ensure an all-around outdoor camera system that can record would-be intruders anywhere in your property.

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Camera Options

While camera placement is an important factor to consider, you also want to think about the type of camera you’re using. For example, a wide-angle camera can fit more subjects into the frame, thus reducing the need for additional outdoor cameras. However, wide-angle cameras also suffer from less detail and can sometimes make the subject look smaller. It’s all about finding the right device that fits your needs and applications. If you’re unsure about which camera works best with your property, consult a professional security system installer to determine the right options for you.