Top 10 Benefits of a Wireless Home Alarm System

Wireless Home Alarm System
April 3, 2020 Blog 0 Comment

Wireless home alarm systems are all the rage in today’s technologically advanced era. Gone are the days where most alarm systems are hardwired (which allowed burglars to disarm them with just a quick snip). Nowadays, home alarms system are fully wireless. From security cameras to door and window sensors, these devices free us from the constraints of having to open up walls, run the wires across our homes, and tape them all up to finish.

The convenience factor isn’t the only reason why most homeowners go the wireless route. There are a couple of advantages to wireless home alarm systems which make them even more compelling than their wired counterparts. Here are the top 10 benefits of a wireless home alarm system.

Wireless Home Alarm System

  1. Easy installation

Most wireless alarm systems are fairly easy to install. You don’t need any special tools or experience to install them as most of the devices can be attached by simply peeling off the adhesive backing. Unlike with wired alarm systems where you have to figure out cables and wires, there is no guesswork with installing wireless alarm systems, making them an easy recommendation for either seasoned or first-time installers.

  1. Renter-friendly

Because a wireless alarm system is portable, you can take them basically anywhere you want. This is a huge boon to renters who wish to bring their alarm systems when moving place to place. There’s no need to make major changes to the property which often requires the consent of your landlord.

  1. Scalability

Want to add another sensor or camera? No problem. Wireless alarm systems can easily be configured to add devices across your entire home. Simply add the device to the control panel, stick it anywhere you like, and you’re good to go.

  1. Future-proof

Wired alarm systems rely on ancient technology and there’s not much future-proofing to them if you decide to invest in one. Wireless alarm systems, on the other hand, receive firmware updates and security patches on a regular basis to ensure top-level security. And since they come with a boatload of features, you’ll be hard-pressed to choose wired alarm systems over the wired ones.

  1. Smart home integration

The compatibility between smart hubs and wireless alarm systems further enhances its convenience factor by a mile. Think about how convenient it is to set up the alarm and disable it with just your smartphone or tablet. Having access to all of your sensors and cameras at the tip of your fingertips makes it easier to monitor your home and secure it from virtually all angles.

  1. Battery power

Wireless home alarm systems use batteries to power up the devices. Even if you experience a power outage, you’ll be fully confident knowing that your cameras, motion sensors, and window sensors are still up and running. Just make sure to check up on the batteries from time to time to ensure they have enough charge on them.

  1. DIY setup

With a wireless home alarm system, you have the freedom of setting up your devices any which way you like. For the DIY enthusiasts, this is a major plus as it allows them to have full control over their alarm system. f you’re relatively inexperienced, you can hire a professional technician to do the installation for you. But even then, you’ll mostly find the installation process a breeze and you may even learn how to set up the alarm system yourself.

  1. Wi-Fi and cellular communications

Wired home alarm systems rely on landline communication to keep working. In the event that these lines go down or get cut, you instantly lose all of the security features you have. Wireless home alarm systems are immune to this mainly because they rely on Wi-Fi/cellular communications to keep working. Even if your Wi-Fi went down, you have a cellular network as a backup to communicate with emergency services and keep your devices up and running.

  1. Affordability

Back when wireless home alarm systems were introduced, they were significantly more expensive than their wired counterparts. But nowadays, the price has come down to the point where wireless alarm systems are becoming more affordable than wired alarm systems. This can be attributed to easier installation which reduces the cost to basically zero.

  1. Value for money

In terms of value for money, a wireless home alarm system wins hands-down. The number of features, reliability, and the security it provides truly makes it a value-for-money investment. Add it all up and you get a convenient home security alarm that works better than any wired home alarm system. Wired systems do still have their time and place (i.e. in rural areas with weak cellular coverage) but for the majority of consumers today, having a wireless home alarm system is definitely the way to go.