Top 3 Benefits to Upgrading Your Security Cameras

January 3, 2022 Uncategorized 0 Comment

Security cameras have come a long way in terms of capabilities and how they can protect your home and business. There are technological upgrades now that did not seem possible in previous years. 

If you can afford it, refreshing your security system regularly is a good idea. This ensures that you get to maintain a high level of security and asset protection. 

This is now easier than ever as technology continues to improve quickly. We are not just talking about the camera itself, but your whole CCTV system. If this is obsolete, you are essentially jeopardizing your family or company. So look at security systems as an investment that is a must-have for your peace of mind.

Some people believe in replacing their security system every five years. This is a good practice since it ensures that the owners are up to speed with the latest technology. Remember, these upgrades are not just about cosmetic improvements. Newer models also mean better capabilities, resulting in a more secure home or business.

In addition to this, replacing old ones with new security cameras means that the parts are not overused, making them faulty. Sometimes, repairs are even more expensive because of the parts’ unavailability in the market. You need to factor this in when deciding either to repair or replace your cameras.

We will discuss in this article some of the most significant benefits of upgrading your security cameras and system.

Upgrading means increased security

Increased security comes with modern security cameras. Although this may appear to be a self-evident advantage of updating, there are newer features that many are unaware of, much alone use.

Higher-quality footage and more clever systems come with newer cameras. This may lead to a greater rate of conviction and support for other security technologies like Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and face recognition. Unfortunately, older models may not offer these advanced features.

The high-definition video will also allow you to identify everything from license plates to faces precisely. It will be a more valuable tool for your home and business, especially when combined with the ‘Cloud’ capabilities.

There is no need for a CCTV recorder because Cloud security cameras have built-in storage and plug-and-play capabilities. This implies that your CCTV system has no single point of failure and is eternally expandable because you don’t have to upgrade or replace your NVR as your system expands. 

Furthermore, because all footage is backed up to the Cloud, you will never lose data, as you would with a traditional on-site NVR or DVR recorder if the hard drive fails or the film is stolen. 

The Cloud provides end-to-end encryption and data encryption at rest, making your security cameras more dependable. This aids in implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ensuring that data and video footage saved in the Cloud are protected from hard-drive failure and theft.

You may also integrate intruder alarms with modern security cameras. The cameras can operate as a trip-wire, triggering an alarm. It will notify you on any movement or suspicious behaviour via your smartphone or other internet-connected devices. With the kind of world we live in now, extra layers of security will make us sleep better at night.

Some also offer a live stream of the camera video, allowing you to discover unauthorized persons on site quickly. They can also perform face recognition searches to determine when or whether someone was on-site. This lets you mark individuals who are of interest to you and set up notifications for them on your phone or laptop.

Modern systems offer improved user interfaces and video analytics. This decreases the time you spend searching for a film. It also means you can streamline your security better. 

Footage analytics software uses mathematical algorithms to watch, analyze, and manage enormous amounts of video. This assists you in making security choices and managing various cameras.

Upgrading improves usability

Security cameras with advanced technology provide many integration options for better usage. You can get notifications directly to your smartphone when someone of interest – visitor or unauthorized – is on site. You may do this by linking your CCTV with your access control system. You may then watch live footage and grant them access with a single button. 

You may even use this for roll calls and timesheets to help you know who entered your building and at what time.

If you have a business with numerous locations, you can access all information and data from the cameras from a central location. More extensive business operations will be able to operate their security cameras more simply, and future development will be flexible.

Upgrading increases your savings in the long run

Even though you may initially need to shell out more money with newer security cameras, it’s worth it. These require less upkeep, resulting in lower long-term expenditures.

You can also access them more quickly and easily from a distant place for troubleshooting. This helps you handle most problems right away. 

Also, Internet-enabled systems allow for remote maintenance procedures if your CCTV system ever needs it. This translates to lower callout costs and more time saved. 

Newer security cameras also offer health monitoring, so you can tell if a camera is down or malfunctioning before it’s too late. This helps you to assess any issues and obtain the help you need quickly and prevent more costly damages in the future.