When Should You Upgrade Your Home Alarm System?

Home Alarm System
January 5, 2021 Blog 0 Comment

With how fast technology advances today, home alarm systems that have been installed 5-10 years ago look vastly different from the ones we have now. Modern alarm systems nowadays come with AI integration, wireless connectivity, smartphone functionality, and a whole host of other features that provide better security than the previously existing systems we had before.

Just like many security system owners, you want the latest technology protecting you and your family. The question now is, when should you upgrade your home alarm system? Let’s take a look a the tell-tale signs that indicate your alarm system needs replacing.

Your alarm system is aging

Whether your alarm system was installed professionally or you moved into a home with a pre-installed system, age is one of the main factors to consider if you’re looking to upgrade. In the home security industry, a 10-year old security system feels ancient by today’s standards. Sure, the components may still work, but the outdated features are likely to hinder your system’s capabilities.

Furthermore, it’s rare for older systems to continue receiving software updates from their manufacturers. Just like computers, alarm system hardware becomes obsolete over time and if anything, they tend to break down due to age. If your system is over 10 years old, then it may be time to chat with an alarm systems specialist and consider upgrading.

The alarm system still uses a landline connection

If your alarm system operates using a landline connection, it’s a sign that you need to upgrade to a modern system. While a landline is still reliable even for today, it does pose a couple of disadvantages. First is that the wires can easily be cut by a burglar and render your system useless. Secondly, a landline connection doesn’t offer as much versatility compared to a fully wireless alarm system.

Lastly, the wires suffer from wear and tear. This could end up compromising your alarm system if the wires are in poor condition. Modern alarm systems rely on cellular networks to communicate which cannot be disabled or interfered by potential burglars.

Home Alarm System

Lack of regular maintenance

This applies to homeowners who moved in with a pre-existing alarm system in place. Like most electronics, the components found in alarm systems require a bit of TLC to ensure proper operation. With a pre-installed alarm system, you cannot guarantee the level of care and maintenance given by the previous homeowner.

A thorough inspection of the alarm system is required to reveal any damages that may compromise your home security. If the previous homeowner cannot provide a maintenance record of the alarm system, it’s best to just upgrade to a newer system and not risk your home security.

You’re ready to embrace new technology

Today’s alarm systems come with plenty of new features that can take your home security to the next level. For example, modern alarm systems allow you to control your HVAC system, turn the lights on and off, and active or deactivate your door locks at any point in time. All of these can be achieved with just a few simple taps on your smartphone screen.

When the alarm is triggered, a notification is sent immediately to your phone to inform you of a security breach. This gives you more control over your alarm system and determine whether you have a real emergency in your property.

With the rise of smart home products, integrating them into your alarm system makes complete sense. Not only do they bring additional security, but the convenience of using such devices is a reason to upgrade your current alarm system to a new one that supports smart home products natively.

Your lifestyle has changed

It’s not uncommon for a homeowner’s security needs to change over time. Say you were promoted to a position that requires frequent travelling. Your alarm system should be well-equipped to keep your home safe, even if you’re away for long periods. Another example is your elderly parents moved in with you. Upgrading to an alarm system with remote access can mean less stress for you and your family, especially if you have loved ones with mobility issues.

Modern security systems are highly flexible and can be customised according to your exact needs. This provides greater security compared to a traditional alarm system that doesn’t offer much in terms of customisation and adaptability.

Ready to upgrade your alarm system?

With all these factors taken into consideration, the only question remains is, are you ready to upgrade your alarm system? If so, then you’ll need to find the right security systems provider for you. When it comes to alarm systems, you want to work with a company that has a proven track record. The last thing you want is to entrust your home security to a shoddy company with little to no experience in the security system industry.

This is where Smart Security comes in. As one of the leading security systems providers in Perth, we pride ourselves on providing premium quality alarm systems to our clients. With timely and professional service, you can guarantee that your home’s security is in the hands of leading industry experts. For your home security solutions, contact us today and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.