Window Wisdom: Effective Measures to Burglar-Proof Your Windows

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Nowadays, the prevalence of high-tech security systems and devices makes it more trouble than it’s worth for most burglars to locate and circumvent them to get inside a home. But that’s not to say it never happens. Fortunately, most burglaries are perpetuated by opportunistic criminals who spot a momentary weakness and take advantage quickly and brazenly. All eyes upon the easiest pickings like cash, jewellery, car keys, and phones or other smart devices, especially if the owners have conveniently left them near open doors and windows.

In this article, we will take a closer look at one vulnerable aspect of most homes, the windows, and share the knowledge and advice our team has amassed over many years in the industry. Smart Security solutions are our specialty, and we always strive to remain at the cutting edge of security systems and evolving technology.

The vulnerability of windows

The fastest, most obvious points of entry for most burglars are through open doors. They simply stroll in and swipe what they can before exiting quickly, usually in less than a minute, while the occupants are in another room. Terrifying as this sounds, these individuals have no desire to be seen or have any confrontation with the owners and usually flee quickly if spotted and challenged. 

While open doors and garages represent a convenient point of access, windows are the second most targeted means of entry, and these tend to be more readily left open. This is especially true in hot weather, and it is easy to forget the windows are open. So, what are some tactics and devices to bolster your defences, especially the windows, and make them ‘burglar-proof’?

Security cameras

Readily available, affordable, and high-quality security cameras were a game-changing addition to the arsenal of weaponry homeowners could turn to. In attempts to deter thieves and others with bad intentions from attempting to gain entry, no single technological invention has had a more positive impact. This remains true to this day and most thieves who come across a property with every possible angle covered by decent cameras will merely look elsewhere. 

Eliminating blind spots is a huge advantage in the battle to keep intruders at bay, but may not always be enough. Some are desperate enough to risk being recorded if it means they can steal something valuable, simply covering their faces as they attempt to do so. Doorbell cameras have forever changed the attitude of wannabe burglars approaching from the front, but don’t neglect your secluded areas, especially those with friendly bushes for skulking in nearby. 

Window locks and bars

Modern windows, especially double-glazed PVC ones, are often well protected by decent locks from the factory. However, older windows or those with more traditional appointments are less capable of thwarting determined attempts to open them. In this case, consider one of the many simple-to-install aftermarket window locks that are readily available in a wide range of locations.

A simple but highly effective option is to install bars on your windows, but it is not an idea that will appeal to all homeowners equally, perhaps seeming a trifle drastic. However, it is a surefire way to prevent unwanted access, allowing you to relax fully in the knowledge nobody can ever sneak in that way. Home security systems and devices are designed to protect not only your valuables but also your healthy mental state, so if you value that more than the visual appearance of your home, bars may be just the ticket. 

Excess lighting

Having nowhere dark to lie in wait and hide is a serious problem for potential burglars. Without a safe, secluded place to spend time observing your property and movements, they may be inclined to move on and try elsewhere. Nothing makes intruders more uncomfortable than bright lights, and they represent an affordable deterrent that also looks attractive if done thoughtfully. Use smaller solar-powered lights to highlight pathways and garden features, but stick to the brightest motion-activated lights in areas where you think individuals might attempt to hide but where you do not want to have constant light.

Reinforced glass

So far, we have dealt with the art of repelling burglars who wish to sneak in and out unnoticed, often when people are actually inside the home. However, when properties are empty, the importance of making as little noise and fuss as possible is reduced, and they may be prepared to smash a window to gain access. They rely instead on speed and the ability to steal what they can and escape before the neighbours notice and the police are alerted. Realistically, this gives them ample time to scour any property looking for valuables, and we must employ other tactics to prevent them from doing so. 

As strong as modern glass is, it is no match for a determined intruder equipped with the requisite tools. However, their task will be made immeasurably more difficult with the application of security window films. Using a product very similar to the ones used to protect smartphone screens, windows are covered with a transparent, layered polycarbonate film that is remarkably strong and awkward to penetrate. Although the glass behind the film will still break if attacked, the glass will remain stuck to the film and be almost impossible to remove and pass through. Again, this is not a guaranteed way to keep people out by itself but makes their entrance a lot more time-consuming, difficult, and tedious.

Window sensors

It is easy and relatively inexpensive to install sensors on windows that use simple switches to sense separation between the window and its frame. When this occurs and the unit is opened, the circuit is broken and an alarm sounds immediately.

Smart technology, remote monitoring, and cybersecurity

As technological innovations took off like rockets in so many facets of our lives, the home security industry did not allow itself to fall behind. In fact, it is one area where we might claim things have improved the most, and it is now perfectly feasible to open an app on your hand-held device and view footage from your security cameras as a live feed. You can control all aspects of your system remotely from anywhere in the world. Altering camera angles, turning lights on and off, and checking the window sensors are functioning without ever having to move.  


As we have shown, a wide range of options are available to any discerning homeowner wishing to protect their property more effectively. We hope this article has given you some insight into mitigating the risks without causing too much concern or anguish. Incidents of burglary are still falling all the time and with a few careful additions to our properties and some sensible behaviours like never leaving open doors unattended, we will see it drop even more drastically.

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