Traditional Vs. Modern Security Systems: Which Is More Effective?

March 23, 2022 Blog 0 Comment

On-site security is critical for every home and office. This gives you a great deal of peace of mind knowing that reliable security measures are in place to protect you, your family, and your belongings. Furthermore, since safety has become a priority among homeowners, many are being compelled to install systems to guard their homes.

However, they are first faced with choosing either traditional or modern security systems. If you are one of the homeowners looking to install a security system but don’t know which one to choose, keep reading. This article goes over the pros and cons of both to help you decide which will be more effective for your home.

What are traditional security systems?

Traditional security systems are those frequently seen among commercial and government buildings. They include well-trained personnel, CCTVs, and access control systems. Occasionally, these conventional security system components are sufficient for specific purposes and departments.

However, there is no denying that these types of security systems have inherent flaws that more advanced and intelligent systems can exploit. Additionally, the viability of traditional security constantly changes due to technological advancements, new ideas, and political evolution.

Simple Surveillance Systems

Basic CCTV and access control-based security systems are frequently simplistic. An access control system may require a single authentication method, such as a key card. Furthermore, CCTV surveillance systems are practical technological security options. The simplest version of a CCTV can record videos of daily business activities. This benefits homeowners because the mere sight of a surveillance camera causes burglars to pause and rethink their plans.

Security Guards

A security guard is a time-honoured method of protecting your residence because it is highly effective. This type of security is especially a good option if you own a large property or live in a residential complex. Guards can also respond to other issues that CCTV or remote surveillance may miss, such as utility, gas, chemical leaks, weather-related damage from storms and flooding, or fly-tipping in blind spots on more significant sites. Additionally, you can avoid having blind spots by ensuring that guards patrol all areas of a location rather than relying on surveillance that provides only partial coverage.

The drawbacks of traditional security systems

Despite the many benefits of closed-circuit security, CCTV does have some limitations. These constraints can significantly impact the value of this technology for your commercial enterprise.

Furthermore, it is inconvenient to have to deal with these issues. This is because you will be required to make additional expenditures to ensure you get the full benefits of owning a CCTV security system.

Meanwhile, the of the disadvantages of hiring security guards is providing a false sense of security. They lull nearby residents by making them think that their presence is enough to keep the peace. The cost of hired security is another drawback. If you employ security, they must all be insured. Any claims of negligence in escalated situations result in lawsuits. In practice, wrongful lawsuits are frequent. For businesses without enough cash flow for liabilities, the risk is not even worth the reward.

What are modern security systems?

Security, like so many other systems, is constantly evolving. Organisations must adopt a modern approach to security to keep one step ahead of danger. Currently available home security services provide a high level of safety for houses by incorporating surveillance cameras, theft alarm panels, and the detection of rising levels of fumes, all of which can be controlled remotely through a single, centralised application.

High-resolution video surveillance cameras

In contrast to its inferior low-resolution CCTV predecessor, a modern security system is always equipped with a high-resolution camera as part of the package. Traditional security systems placed a great deal of reliance on the creation and detection of infrared images. Although feasible, capturing high-resolution images of the culprits was still challenging. However, checking on the security of your home while away from home is simple now that you have digital access to all of your home cameras.

Infrared security sensors

Infrared sensors detect motion by detecting infrared light. That motion activates an alarm, turns on lights, or sends an alert in a security system. Infrared sensors then measure the distance between an object and a detector using an emitter and a receiver. The receiver can determine the distance between the thing and itself as it moves. Active infrared sensors are typically employed in robotics and automotive applications for obstacle avoidance. Still, they are also used in safety applications such as proximity detection for valuable art or jewellery.

Benefits of modern security systems

We live in an era in which criminal practices have improved. Without a home alarm system, a thief is roughly three times more likely to target your home. Knowing that a property has an alarm system installed is enough to dissuade many robbers. When numerous homes in a neighbourhood have alarms, the majority of criminals will avoid the area entirely.

Remote access to modern security systems is possible via practically any computer, smartphone, or tablet equipped with an internet connection. You can remotely monitor and operate video surveillance and a variety of home systems, including arming and deactivating the alarm system and locking and unlocking doors. While technology can deliver cutting-edge devices, we cannot consider ourselves safe without choosing reliable security companies.

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