What To Do If Your Neighbour’s Alarm Goes Off?

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The majority of homeowners take the security of their homes seriously, which is why they install a home security alarm system to keep their family and belongings safe. However, not that many people know what they would do if one of their neighbours’ home alarm systems started sounding off. While most people know what to do when their home’s security alarm goes off, they are uninformed about what to do if their neighbour’s alarm goes off.

In this article, we will be going over the proper steps to take when you hear your neighbour’s alarm going off to ensure that any unwanted break-ins can be avoided.

What to do when your neighbour’s alarm goes off?

If you hear the alarm going off at your neighbour’s house, there are a few things you should do, including the following:

  • Keep Watch

When you hear a neighbour’s alarm, the first step is to observe the situation. Determine which house is making the noise and keep an eye on it for any suspicious activity. You likely won’t know whether the alarm is a fire alarm or an intruder alarm, so be on the lookout for suspicious activity in both cases. Do you observe smoke? Or do you see any suspicious individuals fleeing the scene? Consider these questions while keeping watch of the property. Your observations should not be fleeting; checking every 5 to 10 minutes is essential to see if anything occurs.

  • Keep Your Distance and Avoid Confrontation

A ringing alarm may indicate that your neighbour is in danger, but you must not put yourself in danger by responding. Do not attempt to enter or even approach the house if you detect smoke coming from it. Similarly, if you observe a suspicious person near the source of the alarm, you should avoid direct confrontation. Either of these actions could put your life and the lives of your neighbours in grave danger. Collect as much information as possible to relay to the emergency services while remaining hidden. If you need to get closer to observe the scene entirely, maintain a substantial distance between yourself and the property and remain as concealed as possible.

  • Notify Your Neighbours

Even if the alarm has been deactivated and there are no apparent signs of trouble, it is imperative to follow up. Especially when you are unable to reach your neighbour by phone or text, a personal conversation about the incident can make a difference. They will also be able to let you know if the alarm is false, because it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your home and neighbourhood.

  • Alert the Authorities

Not reporting minor incidents, such as activating a neighbour’s home security alarm, is one of the most common mistakes neighbourhood residents make. If your neighbour’s house alarm is sounding and suspicious activity appears to be occurring in their residence, it is recommended that you report the incident. Reporting suspicious activities in your neighbourhood to the authorities in a timely manner can help stop a burglar, sexual predator, or even a murderer before the situation worsens and frightening incidents occur.

However, if you have been keeping watch and have not observed any suspicious activity or issues, there is no need to contact emergency services immediately. Many triggered alarms are false alarms, and dispatching emergency services without evidence of a problem could prevent someone from receiving assistance when they truly require it.


Since we place a high value on personal protection, many individuals choose to install home alarm systems. However, only a few people think about what they should do if the house alarm in their neighbour’s home goes off. Keep in mind, a number of different factors can cause this. However, as a good neighbour, the most effective way for you to protect their safety is either to make an effort to communicate with them or to notify the appropriate authorities.

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